• Chairman of the Board

    Previously served as Chairman of the Board for Foundation Health Systems, Inc. now known as Health Net. Foundation was a small health plan in California when Mr. Crowley was hired to rescue its failed leveraged buy-out (LBO) and replace management. He subsequently built Foundation into a very profitable NYSE listed Fortune 500 enterprise, with more than 17,000 employees in over 225 locations.

    In 1997, Mr. Crowley founded Dynamic Healthcare Solutions, a firm that invests in and consults with healthcare firms. Through Dynamic, he has served as Senior Advisory to a number of major investment firms, served on boards of certain portfolio companies, performed due diligence on numerous investment opportunities across the U.S. and served as a healthcare restructuring officer, senior management advisory, and interim executive of a variety of healthcare services companies.

    Through his extensive experience and Fortune 500 disciplines, Mr. Crowley has positioned OmegaComp HR for growth.

  • President

    David Allman has served as President of OmegaComp HR since its inception in 2001. David Allman has taken the Company from a start-up to its current position and yearly annualized growth of more than 12% every year. David Allman oversees company operations, focuses on marketing and sales, and sets the tone for customer service and satisfaction. Prior to OCHR, David Allman was V.P. of Sales for National Staff Services, a PEO. David Allman also owns and operates several other businesses: HR to Go, OmegaComp Staffing Services, American River Insurance, just to name a few.

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