It’s easy to be affected by productivity hurdles when so much of your time is demanded. Productivity is the thread to other vital business outcomes, such as employee morale, efficiency and your bottom line. Improving productivity can have a resounding impact on your business’ long term success. And if you struggle with becoming more productive, below are three HR-related hurdles that business owners encounter and a few solutions that might help overcome them. Interruptions: The first productivity challenge are interruptions: multiple tasks which simultaneously call for your attention and force you to stop one task and begin another. Emails, phone-calls, media and employee interruptions account for a 25% increase in the time it would normally take to complete a task. Solution? Learn to treat interruptions like interruptions. Email requests, text messages and other instant communications result in a knee-jerk reaction to respond. Instead, try creating a daily “to-do” list, with your tasks listed in order of priority. Then check them off in order of priority. You can also set aside 10 to 15 minutes during two to three designated points in your day to respond to emails. By focusing on your priorities, you can minimize distractions that impede productivity. Employee Burnout The second productivity challenge is employee “burnout”. It is a very common occurrence and can result in low levels of productivity and high numbers of turnover. Statistics show that the cost of replacing an employee can run between 1.5 – 2 times the employee’s salary. To help avoid this kind of risk to your business, you can properly motivate and empower your workforce. Provide them with clear goals, frequent performance feedback and rewards for goal achievement. Compliance The final productivity challenge are regulatory and compliance issues. Keeping your business compliant and being informed of the ever-evolving regulations and policies can be a constant hurdle for any business’ success. To address this final productivity issue, try to leverage human resources best practices. This means creating systems, processes and providing training which will minimize your risk exposure as well as identify the correct navigation pathway. Guidance from a professional HR firm will help your business successfully mitigate the most technical aspects of compliance, which will result in your time and productivity to be focused on your business’ growth and success.  At OmegaComp HR, we offer a variety of HR products and services, to ensure that our clients remain fully compliant and educated. To start the conversation now, reach out to one of our experts and get OmegaComp HR in your corner. Call 888-540-0752!