Adding OmegaComp HR means adding peace of mind. Ownership and management can breathe easy knowing OmegaComp’s team of experts are readily accessible to deliver HR support and guidance.

One of the benefits of outsourcing HR is an “outside looking in” perspective to identify potentially overlooked inconsistencies, non-compliance and employee related exposures. We have developed a proven and methodical system to create efficiencies, structure, and consistency in all employee administration and HR policies. Never again will you or your management team worry about how to handle complex employee related matters.

  • HR Support Access

    • Advisory Support (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)
    • Emergency Advisory Support (After Hours, Holidays, Weekends)
    • On-site HR support
  • Employee Policies & Documentation

    • Employee Policy Manual (Digital Edition)
    • Wage & Hour Compliance (Advisory)
    • State Specific Labor Postings (Wage Orders)
    • Developed Job Description
    • Employee Files – Audit Assistance & Best Practice
  • Recruitment & Hiring

    • Posting Positions
    • Screening of Applicants
    • Background Checks
    • New Hire Orientation
  • Human Resources Management

    • Response to Federal or State Agencies/Requests for Information
      • EDD (Unemployment Related)
      • SDI (State Disability)
      • DFEH (Department of Fair Employment & Housing)
      • EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
    • Leave of Absence Guidance & Management (State & Federal Requirements)
    • Salary Surveys
  • Management Coaching & Support

    • Employee Relations/ Conflict Resolution/Performance Management
    • Employee Termination Guidance & Preparation
  • Human Resources Management

    AB1825 Supervisory Harassment Prevention Training

    • Online Training
    • On-site Training

    Non-Management Harassment Prevention Training

    • Online Training
    • On-site Training

    Supervisory Related Training (Various Topics)

    • Online Training
    • On-site Training

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