Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: business owners don’t always have the time, money or knowledge to successfully manage the moving parts involving human resources, payroll, safety, Cal-OSHA and worker’s compensation. It turns out, there was a simple solution.

Nearly 17 years ago, founder David Allman – a dedicated dad of two boys, and race car enthusiast – and co-founder Dan Crowley, decided they could provide help to struggling clients who were facing compliance, litigation, and human resource issues. The two of them established OmegaComp HR with an eager spirit and an ambitious objective: to get clients back to the business of running their business. Offering training, resources, and access to human resource solutions on an outsourced basis, clients could free up time, money and resources to increase their bottom line.

By following OmegaComp HR’s sound guidance and trustworthy advice, countless companies have grown exponentially and mitigated countless threats.  As such, our grass-roots beginnings are built on the following mission and vision principles:


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