Creating and maintaining a safe workplace makes good business sense, and if you have more than 10 employees, it is likely a legal requirement.

OmegaComp HR will provide assistance to keep your company current and compliant with OSHA’s guidelines. Form SB 198 compliance to training and safety newsletters, we’ve got you covered.

  • Employee Safety Training

    OmegaComp HR provides you with the necessary tools and training to complete your OSHA-mandated employee safety training.
    We provide training in the forms of webinars, training packets, and in-house safety training.

  • OSHA Compliance and Violation Resolution Services

    The leading cause of cal/OSHA citations is lack of compliance with the SB 198 Injury and Illness Prevention program. Not only will we assist with SB 198 compliance, we also assist with OSHA violations resoution, including official protest of fines.

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  • Regulatory Agency Assistance

    Our experts assist with implementation of DOT and Non-Dot compliant controlled substance programs, safety newsletters, safety incentive program and more, Clients also benefit form our support with correspondence, such as the required, timely reporting of serious work injuries to the appropriate agencies.

  • Workers' Compensation Claims Assistance and Support

    Managing an injured worker is a challenge, and large workers' compensation claims can negatively impact your business and your bottom line for years. OmegaComp HR supports employers with proper documentation, locating occupational clinics, effective claims assistance, and timely reporting to the insurance carrier.

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