All seminars are held from 9:00AM-10:30AM unless otherwise noted below:

January 12th– Legal Update 2023 – Employment Law Changes That Will Impact Your Business
Start off the New Year right and make sure that you are aware of the recent legal changes for 2023. This seminar will discuss the new leave of absence changes, pay scale development, minimum wage, as well as miscellaneous labor laws and hiring rules. Don’t miss it! 

February 9th– Performance Management & Documentation
This seminar will focus on improving the effectiveness of your organization by implementing the tools of performance management. Among the most frequently litigated workplace disputes are those that arise out of disciplinary actions and employee terminations. Therefore, we will provide managers with the knowledge and tools to properly document employee performance, keep employees on track, and fairly and swiftly handle termination.

March 9th– Untangling the Tangled Web of Leaves of Absences (9:00AM – 11:00AM)
Employees have several different reasons for why a leave of absence is necessary. Ranging from jury duty to the Family Medical Leave Act to the CFRA leave for small employers, every leave of absence requires certain steps to be taken in order to properly comply with laws. This seminar will inform individuals on how to properly handle benefits, pay, coordination with the state, paperwork and other factors that play a role with leaves of absences. 

April 13th– Employee Classification Challenges
Does your organization work with true independent contractors, or are you working with individuals who are really part time, flexible employees? The IRS and EDD do not accept ignorance as a defense or excuse in misclassification issues. This session will explore the differences between employees versus independent contractors, and exempt versus non-exempt, to help you determine what classification is right for your organization. We will also review penalties, fines and other risk factors associated with misclassifying employees. Finally we will discuss best practices in transitioning independent contractors to employment status. 

May 11th– Supervisor Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training
(AB 1825 Compliant 9:00AM – 11:00AM)

Employers and supervisors have a responsibility to provide a harassment or discrimination-free work environment. Permitting harassment or discrimination, or failing to take steps to deal with harassment claims, can land employers and supervisors in legal hot water. This seminar will discuss how to create a workplace environment that discourages harassment and discrimination by supervisors and coworkers; the different ways harassment and discrimination can take place; how to tell the difference between behavior that’s just annoying and behavior that’s illegal; and what to do if an employee raises a harassment or discrimination claim. 

June 8th – Employee Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training
(SB 1343 Compliant)
All employers with five or more employees are required to provide non-supervisory employees with at least one hour of sexual harassment prevention training (SB 1343) every two years. 

July 13th– Ten Things Employers Do to Get Sued
Don’t wait until it is too late before you learn about ways to avoid being a victim of a common workplace lawsuit. We will discuss the most common types of employment lawsuits as well as policies and steps that have helped others stay out of court. Learn about when an action or lack of action by a supervisor can lead to a lawsuit. Through these strategies and suggestions, you will be able to stay out of court and stay focused on what matters most – the company’s success.

August 10th– Creating a Positive Work Culture
The negative impact of a poor work culture can be an urgent problem for leaders. It can bring down morale, create retention problems and undermines your efforts to build a productive workforce. This course is designed to help you learn how to create a culture where employees can successfully work together by encouraging respectful behavior, increasing communication, and building trust and cooperation to overcome conflict.

September 14th– Wage & Hour Compliance
This 90-minute California wage and hour compliance seminar will help you understand the complexities surrounding California wage and hour laws and how it affects the function of any payroll department or company that has employees in California. Learn about recent developments, requirements under wage and hour laws and how to avoid common employer mistakes.

October 12th– HR 101 for Supervisors
Being a supervisor can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many employment laws that it’s difficult to know what you need to do, and what you can’t do. In addition, you are responsible for working with your staff to help them to be as productive as they can, and it’s not always clear how to do that. You also need to know how to manage poor performance. This class will cover the basics, and you will walk away with an understanding of the most critical legal obligations, some tips on how to manage your staff for peak performance, and how to handle some difficult situations you might encounter as a supervisor.

November 9th– Safety & Workers’ Comp Basics
Are you new to safety management? Do you need a comprehensive and effective safety program? Do you know what do when you have an employee injury? Then Safety and Workers’ Comp Basics is an opportunity that you cannot miss. We will cover the basics and show you how to remain compliant with California Safety and Workers’ Comp Standards.