Complimentary Webinar – February 17th – Overview of COVID-19 Employer Safety Requirements

Review of Cal/OSHA requirements to protect workers from hazards related to COVID-19 including the latest updates. We will review the basic safety protocols as well as having an effective written prevention plan and providing employee training.  We will also review the reporting requirements and record keeping regarding cases of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Complimentary Webinar – April 14th – Employer’s Guide to Ensuring Quality Performance

Getting the highest level of performance from each employee is the goal of any employer. The information presented will provide valuable insight in assisting you and your managers to obtain optimum performance from both in-house and remote workers. You will learn keys to effective communication and performance evaluation; areas critical to achieving success.       

Complimentary Webinar – June 23rd – Mid –Year HR Checkup

We will review some of the trends and issues spawned from employment laws implemented in 2021. This webinar will include topics such as navigating the various leaves of absence, worker classification definitions, and wage and hour amendments. This is an opportunity for you to assess where your company stands from a compliance standpoint.

Complimentary Webinar – August 25th – Basic Employer Safety Overview

Review the basic safety components necessary to keep your workplace safe and your employees healthy. We will touch on the importance of having a written safety policy including what you must have in place to comply with regulatory requirements.  This information is important to all companies.

Complimentary Webinar – December 8th – Overview of New Employment Laws and Requirements Effective Now and for 2022

New legislation passed will create laws and requirements for California employers to understand and follow. The webinar will provide an overview of the new laws and the action required by employers now and for the upcoming year.