Running a business can be a challenge. An even greater challenge is hiring and keeping a team of qualified staff to help run your business.  Let’s face it, the 2007-2010 economic crisis has come and gone, and the job market has steadily risen, allowing for a skewed and inflated ratio of employees to employers.

What does this mean for average business owner?

The current job market is an employee-market. This means, employers can no longer stand by the wayside and wait for qualified candidates to come knocking on doors, instead, employers must proactively find and hunt for the employees they needHaving strategic recruiting tools and methods then becomes critical to attract the best candidates. The following are some ways in which owners can creatively increase their access to potential employees for hire.

  • Think Marketing.
    Consider that your recruitment efforts are much like strategic sales. From your social media presence, digital/printed marketing materials, to the message that your brand conveys, marketing can play a key role in the process to build your reputation and attract applicants. Just like you are gauging the candidate for their professionalism in communication, and follow-up, know that the would-be candidate is expecting the same in return.
  • Think Socially.
    Where does your ideal candidate spend his/her time in the social media environment? If your business sells golf balls, consider posting your positions on social media business profiles that talk about, or focus on, you guessed it, Golf. Make sure your LinkedIn company profile reflects your open positions, along with adding a “career” tab to your website. Measure your postings on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and monitor the performance of the posts, to determine best practices. Refine as necessary.
  • Think Referrals.
    Nothing can tarnish your business’ reputation faster than a client who speaks ill of your business. That is, of course, with the exception of an employee who does the same. Have resigning employees complete an exit interview with an understanding manager to analyze turnover, and departmental challenges. This will help executives affect change as necessary to improve key areas of needs, as well as improve the probability that  your exiting employee and current employees are sharing kind words. Incentivize existing employees to refer any open positions with financial compensation.
  • Think Honestly.
    Advertise your positions with candor, and sincerity. Listing a position for hire and then on-boarding your new employee into an additional set of responsibilities and/or roles, may burn their trust. If you have a set of requirements for the role, define them, and set the expectations at the door. Otherwise, your new employee may very well walk right back through it.

Finally, just relax. The first impression in a candidate interview is the most important, both for you AND the candidate. Don’t arrive late or make them wait too long for your meeting. Don’t convey the pressure of filling this position, or the extreme urgency for it, because this will offer up ammunition when it’s negotiation time.

Recruiting is tough, and our HR team tackles it head-on. Taking the guess-work out of this business endeavor and many others, OmegaComp HR is a fully-sourced solution and will provide you measures to better your business.

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