We would like to provide you the following outline, as we are here to assist you with your safety needs.

A reminder that from the moment one of your employees suffers an injury or illness due to work, an invisible clock starts ticking. As the amount of lapsed time increases, so may the cost of the claim.

Medical expenses, lost productivity and potential litigation can take a tremendous toll, if the claim is not managed from the start. It all begins once the employee reports an incident or injury.

Please note that Reporting does NOT constitute an admission of liability.

Below you will find a reference on how, when and where to report.


  • If the employee needs immediate medical attention, Call 911.
  • Take or send the injured employee who has not pre-designated a physician to the nearest Concentra Clinic.
    • For assistance call the Safety Department of OmegaComp – 916-266-4370
  • Provide injured employee with the attached accident packet. (Employee accident report, DWC1 and Waiver)
  • Employee may not wish to move forward with treatment; you have done your due diligence by providing.
  • Injured employee must be provided with the DWC1 form within one (1) working day of injury per law requirements.
    • Employee completes top portion and Employer completes the bottom portion.
  • Call or Email the OmegaComp Safety Department with the completed forms to file report with insurance carrier (Must be done within 5 days of first knowledge of injury).


  • If employee refuses medical care- The Waiver in the accident packet must be signed.
    • Employer accident investigation must still be completed even if employee refuses treatment.

Once claim has been filed:

  • Communicate with employee regarding return to work, modified duty and doctor’s appointments.
    • It is the employee’s responsibility to provide you with a work status update after each medical visit.
  • Allow employee to make it to medical visits.
  • If employee missed a medical appointment, take them off the schedule until an updated work status is provided.
  • It is the employee’s obligation to adhere to your attendance policy and communicate to you any change to availability regardless of the work related injury.

If the incident or injury was a result of not following policy, re-train the employee and document doing so. Any continued failure to follow policy can and should result in progressive discipline.

Click here to view the accident report packet.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Safety Department of OmegaComp HR directly at 916-266-4370.