In the U.S, “outsourcing” has become a bit of a bad word. The muddy trail of fortune 500 companies replacing local, US-soil jobs with overseas, cheaper labor has left both consumers and media with the idea that outsourcing can never be a good thing. In fact, outsourcing can mean reallocating internal business functions to local firms around the block. What’s more, outsourcing is not limited to call-centers and assembly lines, the essential functions of teams such as HR, Safety/Training, and Payroll can be assigned on an outsourced basis.

When it comes to small businesses who struggle with cash-flow, profit and operational budgets, outsourcing can also be the difference between sinking or swimming. More often than not, the streamlined efficiency of outsourced HR functions can realign and set up a business for even greater success.

This success includes a few key ingredients- we’ve outlined the top four:

1. Cost management
Adopting and embracing HR outsourcing implies you’re investing in a specialized service and not for the salaries or benefits of full-time HR employees. It also means you can cut back on expensive equipment and other resources, like supplies and computers. Further, a fixed rate will help you budget your expenses and plan the way forward more intelligently.

2. Core convergence
By outsourcing any role that is not integral to your product or service, you allow a set of specialists to focus on HR practices, which are quality-certified, and let your team focus on everything else that’s mission critical.

3. Risk management
By helping your businesses navigate through a complex legal and compliance environment, where any miss or error could be damaging, a specialized HR firm can help navigate these difficult waters. Most importantly, hiring a team of HR experts means you stay out of a costly courtroom.

4. Task and project management
Utilizing an outsourced HR firm can help distribute and curate workflow. Deadlines and burdensome administrative tasks that once bogged down departments, can be shifted and balanced, improving day-to-day operations.

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